Art - Ketchup.

It's officially the 14th here so... :~D

title: Ketchup.
pairing: Harry/Ron.
rating: PG
media: digital.
Notes: I wanted to give shocolate something I knew she'd really enjoy; something that would take her mind off her absent hubby (if ever so briefly!), but now I hear that he's off again for several weeks! So, my dear shocolate, I really hope you like my illustration from your own fic, Collapse )
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H/G Book 7 kiss

"Take your trousers off, Ron."

My turn :D. This has been a long time coming, shocolate, and it's still not quite done seeing as I am hoping to color it soon. But I figured you'd get a kick out of the pencilwork just the same. This is the scene from Believe That Magic Works that I promised you a while back.

Title: "Trousers Off"
Medium: graphite pencils
Rating: PG-13 for Firewhisky, shirtlessness, and slight Weasley!crackage
Summary: Here's the moment:

"Take your trousers off, Ron," he ordered, climbing back onto his camp bed.

"Dare I ask why?" I asked, unzipping and wriggling out of them, revealing a very orange pair of boxer shorts.

"If we're gonna talk about girls, it just seems we should be in our boxers," he explained earnestly.

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Hope you like it :D
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True love by teh_indy
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FIC: Completely Round the Twist, Trio, NC-17

Author: Tarie
Title: Competely Round the Twist
Pairing: Harry/Ron/Hermione, mention of previous relationships
Summary: Hermione goes away on her first business trip. How will she cope without Harry and Ron?
Excerpt:"I've missed you as well. Now strip." "Er--" Harry stammered. "Um," Ron said faintly, staring at Hermione as though she'd had a bowtruckle burst out her nose. "You. Harry. Starkers. Now. I've got approximately twenty-eight minutes here; I'd hate for you to waste them."
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,200
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters and universe are property of JKR, Scholastic & other assorted publishers, and the WB.
Notes: shocolate, I know the last few weeks have been rough for you, and this is my little contribution to cheer you up and on, and to remind you that you've almost made it! ;) Thanks so much to legomymalfoy for letting me spam her, and teaspoon14 for the look-over! ♥♥♥ [guecheros = looters of Mayan archaelogical sites in the northern department of Peten.]

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winter is coming
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Art: Ron

*waves to shocolate* My husband's about to head off for his sister's graduation, so I'm joining you in the sole-chaser-after-of-children thing. But I'm lucky - he'll be back in three days. So, for now, here's my contribution to this wonderful community - a pencil portrait of Ron. Yay Ron! Alas, I'm not that fabulous an artist (portraits are about my limit, and I'm still learning), and I swear, his hair does NOT look that dorky in the original. :-P I thought I would have time to try to fix it and I didn't. So - um, - pretend he has fabulous hair. :D Many schnoogles to you for all the joy you've given me with your wonderful fic.

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Fic: Lucky It's You (Rated R)

*shyly slithers in comm* My turn? :) I was going to wait until it was morning/afternoon, my time, but it's the 10th now so... what the hey? Here it is, shocolate, your fic for the day by moi. I worked pretty hard to make this as acceptable as possible. I even had your secret twin help me, so I'm sure that you won't be too disappointed.

So, without further ado....

Title: Lucky It’s You
Pairings: Ron/Harry, past Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione
Warnings: mpreg, possible hint of twincest
Rating: R
Notes: Ron’s POV. Written for the daily countdown community for shocolate.

Special thanks to my beta magicofisis

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, JKR does.

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b/Grinch The Thought Process
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ART: After the Win... (NC-17 NWS)

When I saw sekkrit_twin and ginger_nuts make this comm, I knew I'd have to contribute something. shocolate m'dear, you truly are an inspiration. Fandom, namely the H/R part of it, is so lucky to have you. ♥

So...I took a wee sketch and spiffed it up a bit. However, due to Teh RL, it isn't nearly as spiffed up as I'd like it to be. Not only was the RL being evil, but this pic wasn't being nice to me either. I think I wasted about three hours redrawing various body parts (Ron's right arm gave me the most trouble). I have come upon the conclusion that in order not to suffer severe pain and shoddy anatomy, I should never draw teh prawn without a reference. As I did not use one for this. Grah. I phail at art and at deadlines. But I swear - this will be spiffed up to a new level of shiny and colorificness soon! (Soon = at least a month *headdesk*)

Without further ado...

Title: After the Win...
Pairing: Do you really need to ask? Tsk, tsk. (Harry/Ron for those irksome persistent types)
Media: Just pencil T__T
Notes: Uhm...see above where I ramble. xD

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freckled kiss

FIC : Curiouser and Curiouser - by shocolate

Title: Curiouser and Curiouser
Author: shocolate
Pairing: Harry/Ron – mention of Ron/Hermione and Harry/Hermione – OK, very funny, stop laughing.
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3500
Warnings: do we still warn for rimming? I just wondered.

Ron is gay, Harry is curious.

For all you wonderful, wonderful people at daily_countdown – especially sekkrit_twin, ginger_nuts and kaalee.

You have made my hubbiless time fly by, and he will be back on Saturday – totally knackered, which is unfortunate timing, because I will have to watch Doctor Who and be tormented into a sexual frenzy, and then watch hubby sleep.

Betaed by the shy and retiring secret_beta.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Fic: "Weekend Getaway" (Harry/Ron, R-ish)

Title: Weekend Getaway
Pairing: Harry/Ron, duh :D
Words: ~1500
Rating: somewhat porny.
A/N: Pretend it is May 6 here, too, so I am legally posting for May 6. Right? It's May 6 in Britain already, so close enough. Written for shocolate while she waits interminably for the husband to return home already. Smoochings to linnet_melody and somewhatdeluded for speedy betas.
Warnings: All dialogue. And slight absurdity of situation. Heh.

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