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"Take your trousers off, Ron."

My turn :D. This has been a long time coming, shocolate, and it's still not quite done seeing as I am hoping to color it soon. But I figured you'd get a kick out of the pencilwork just the same. This is the scene from Believe That Magic Works that I promised you a while back.

Title: "Trousers Off"
Medium: graphite pencils
Rating: PG-13 for Firewhisky, shirtlessness, and slight Weasley!crackage
Summary: Here's the moment:

"Take your trousers off, Ron," he ordered, climbing back onto his camp bed.

"Dare I ask why?" I asked, unzipping and wriggling out of them, revealing a very orange pair of boxer shorts.

"If we're gonna talk about girls, it just seems we should be in our boxers," he explained earnestly.

Hope you like it :D
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